MomentMusic [Dec-30-19 2:00AM]

Listening to: Fearless [dc Talk]

So sorry that my first post for the year comes at the end of the year T^T. I’m terrible at keeping up with regular journaling of any sort. 2016-2017 was decent, but I utterly dropped and kicked away the ball this year. However! I was made to promise that I wouldn’t let the year slip away completely without at least one update on life~~~ so here it is.

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MomentMusic [Dec-31-18 2:00AM]

Listening to: Just Give Me Jesus [Unspoken]

There you have it folks! Just like that, 2018 is pretty much over. I don’t do too well with a list of resolutions, so what I will do, is look back on a particular truth I became aware of this year, and highlight a few cases of that truth being driven home.

Several significant events or changes (big or small) that happened to me this year, happened because of decisions not made by me. They were all forced. In fact, if any of the decisions that effectively set these events/changes in motion were up to me, or if the decisions I made were heeded, none of it would have happened.

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MomentMusic [Mar-15-18 4:30PM]

Listening to: Stonemilker [Björk]

So; here I am sitting down in a coffee shop, in true “blogger” fashion…pondering what to post after not having said anything for about two months. I actually chuckled to myself when I realized that my last post was on January 15 of this year (today’s March 15!). Anyway, what came to me was a tug-o-war I had recently which echoed a tug-o-war that has been going on throughout centuries…what should be done in times of crisis? Comfort the persons involved? Or solve/give advice towards solving the situation? Read More

MomentMusic [Jan-15-18 8:10PM]

Listening to: Phobic [Plumb]

First blog post of 2018! I wanted to make this sunny, and happy and full of new year cheer~~~ I was even looking for a brand new 2018 music release to base the post on!

I couldn’t.

This year has already been off to a rocky start for many around the world, including people close to me. Car accidents, rape, death, depression, natural disaster threats and more…already; we’re not even halfway into the third week of 2018. Read More

MomentMusic [Dec-12-17 12AM]

Listening to: The Way I Am [Ingrid Michaelson]

I haven’t cycled around the dating circuit to gain personal experience, but from what I’ve seen and heard from friends and people around me from high school until now, finding someone who will see you with all your quirks and hitches and still think that you are God’s gift to earth…is HARD! Since it’s obviously a difficult task, but in my case I didn’t even have to look AND someone who matches the aforementioned criteria came and found me, I must recognise the blessing…especially since it’s his birthday! Read More