MomentMusic [Jan-28 3 am]

Listening to: Lovely (Center of my Universe) [Michelle Tumes]

Guys, I can’t tell you why this first set of posts keeps coming in these early morning hours, but whatever. I’ll roll with it.  Read More


MomentMusic [Jan-26 1 am]

Listening to: Pretty Lies [Veridia feat. Matty Mullins]

I don’t wear much makeup. The most you’ll get from me is the occasional lip color (red or plum) and eye-liner. The first time in my life I ever had a whole face of makeup done – foundation, concealer, smoky eye, blush…the entire enchilada, was for my college graduation photo; COLLEGE! I was 22 years old. My dad threw a mini fit when he saw the picture because he said it didn’t look like me. Pretty Lies is the name of the song I’m listening to now, but it is also what an acquaintance of mine said when reacting to my graduation photo:

Amazing how makeup can make girls look like pretty lies for a couple of hours.Read More

MomentMusic [Jan-24 Midnight]

Listening to: Into Jesus [dc Talk]

So I decided to start a blog; years after blog fever swept everyone I knew, it finally decided to come for me. LOL leave it to me to operate at a completely different timing from everyone else. I knew for sure what I wanted it to be about though…music (duh~).

For however long I manage to keep this up, I thought I’d document what song I was listening to at the moment I share these musings, along with what that song means to me at said moment; HENCE *trumpet fanfare* “MomentMusic.Read More