MomentMusic [Feb-3 1 AM]

Listening to: Like I Mean It [Stars Go Dim]

It’s February…more so it’s early February. Which means for the next couple days until the 14th hits, we’re gonna be seeing red… and white… and hearing: 1) all the sappiness associated with ~*~*~*love*~*~*~ 2) all the complaints about having to hear all the sappiness associated with *~*~*love*~*~*
But take one quick look around at how every type of relationship works now… Divorces that happen without remotely enough effort from either party? Check. Entitled kids who don’t think twice to disrespect and embarrass their parents? Check. Parents who ensure that they “treat themselves first” instead of putting their all into their children? Check. People who ditch friends who “aren’t on their level” without trying to understand the other person’s end? Check. What I’m trying to say here is, LOVE?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~~ The world has no clue about what love is much less to even celebrate it right, nor do they want to find out. Know why? It’s too much WORK. We’re all about everything being effortless now and what “naturally comes to you”, so no way we’d want to engage in anything that’s gonna take actual work or discipline.

So the real idea of love, unconditional love, that will make you be willing to think of another’s plight before your own, or make you at least try to examine something from the other person’s POV before you completely trash them or burn them from your life, love that will make another person feel some serious worth and will make you go through some serious growth, yeah, no one’s up for that in these here parts and we see this behavior increasingly as time goes on.

Well for me, I know it’s easier than ever to buy into that but I refuse to. That’s not love, that’s “like”. It’s not even a proper “like”; it’s “like-once-it’s-making-me-happy”. I want to love, Like I Mean It. I want to love those around me in such a way that it affects them and they feel their worth when they’re around me even if they know they’ve acted in a way that otherwise would diminish that worth. That’s a tall order, and I’m far from meeting it right now, but I’m at a place where I genuinely recognize the need to get there and I want to get there. I echo Stars Go Dim’s lead vocalist, Chris Cleveland when he sings,

How many days will slip away? How much pain does it take to see it? To live my life and love like I mean it…

In everyone’s hearts, we know what effects this love can have. This kind of love changes people; this kind of love is the very essence of God, hence its changing power. This kind of love’s changing power is recognized everywhere from the Bible to Hollywood. Hundreds of movies romanticize the transforming power of sincere love…whether it’s a playa-type changing his ways and settling down because of a woman’s patient love or a zombie becoming human again after being moved in his (dead?) heart with love for some human. Jesus told His disciples that love was the defining attitude of people who follow Him because that’s what would make the transforming impact. Problem is, nobody got time and patience to give that unconditional love for it to even get the chance to transform anybody lol. Decades go by and we stop aiming for unconditional love because it’s too hard…so we resort to cheapening it to a fleeting “like” that you can just discard when you fall out of it OR bashing it because we feel like it makes us pushovers OR ignoring/deny the existence of it altogether. From what I see? There are more cold, broken and confused people now more than ever due to a lack of this love…on all fronts. Not many of us actually mean to hurt others, but we can’t bother to put in the work to prevent this when possible.

*Sigh* I don’t know what you will do from here on out, but I kinda need to want to do better. Then when I want to do better, I kinda need to have to do better.  I can start by begging God not to give up on me (much like Chris does in the song) and then choose to do it, “live my life and love like I mean it.”


TL;DR The world doesn’t know squat about what real love is. It takes too much effort and it’s easier to just devalue it or deny that there is even such a thing as real love; and you wonder why everything’s so messed up… Matthew 24:12, “and because inquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” But for those who would choose to at least try to love those around us with a real love that frankly only God can give, based on His standards, we can expect to see very real effects on those who we give that love to…even if those effects don’t show themselves until years later. Also check out Stars Go Dim’s Like I Mean It…y’know, one of those songs they had BEFORE You Are Loved (yes, they had material before this release with the new label lol.)


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