MomentMusic [May-16 12 am]

Listening to: Tricky Angel [Natasha Bedingfield]

I willingly accept all beatings for being delinquent with my posts. I have no excuses. (._.)

The last time we met back in February, I was in one of the most grueling situations of my life; I had also said I’ll get back to you with a strong testimony as I believe that this will end out in something great that can be used to encourage others and build my own faith. So much has happened since then and honestly while everything hasn’t wrapped itself up in a neat little bow, things have happened that are testimonies in themselves! This week is very crucial to how this whole trying situation turns out, so I’m praying, trusting and expecting wonderful things that I can hopefully share the next time I post! BUT AS FOR NOW…I’m sharing something entirely different that managed to happen to me right smack-dab in the middle of these struggle couple of months…This will not be a very long post as this particular area isn’t my forte…

I, who never engaged in any relationships with guys other than platonic ones because of plain lack of interest (it was just…never a priority lol), am now “in a thing” with a great guy friend of mine…who would’ve thought. After years of just goofing around and serving alongside him in my church and stuff, he confessed his feelings to me and I…didn’t shut it down. I shocked myself! Why didn’t I turn him down? I do it all the time (I’m not a bad person, I promise, but like I said, it was just not a priority and I was never really interested)…but here I was, listening to this guy pour out his heart and before I knew it, I was returning the gesture. The heck happened? LOL I still don’t know exactly but, here I am, suddenly able to relate to  a few cliches I’d previously spurned…eck…

Which brings me to this song that I only paid attention to before, because of its slightly “off-beat” sub-beat which I found intriguing. Now I’m realizing that the scenario described in the lyrics is almost word for word how I feel about how my current relationship budded. In Tricky Angel, Natasha Bedingfield sings:

“You knew if you’d knocked, I wouldn’t have let you in, how’d you get the code to my security system?”

Pretty much sums it up right there. This guy never outright flirted with me or bugged me or anything but somehow was able to worm his way into my comfort bubble without me even knowing; or as Natasha put it:

“He just broke into me and ignored that it wasn’t allowed.”

So that leaves me here folks! Trudging through unknown waters with a tricky angel of my own, but doing so…happily~~ What a time for it to happen too! In the middle of possibly the toughest time of my life…do Your thing God, do Your thing.


TL;DR – Too bad! You’re gonna have to read whole the post if you wanna know what this one says! (My college friends might have a blast with this one when they see it…) Also Tricky Angel by Natasha Bedingfield…great song from a great album with a really unique arrangement that helps the lyrics stand out.



  1. chanaephipps · May 16, 2016

    Lol song was definitely written for you.

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