MomentMusic [Dec-08 3 am]

Listening to: Let that be Enough [Switchfoot]

How bad is it that I only touched this blog because I wanted to get a new one in before the end of the year! And of course update you about whether anything ended up working out or not…

My last post back in May, told you all about how I was still facing my share of trials but I was seeing things happen that was only possible because of God, and I could recognize that. My last post also told you how I started a whole new type of journey, with a great guy, in the middle of all the chaos that was going on LOL. Update: the bf and I have been on that journey for 7 months going on 8 months…and it has really been something of an enjoyable but challenging obstacle course! Something new seems to pop up for us to deal with ever so often, even if it’s not centred around us in particular…nonetheless, we both see it as some serious life training and it’s good that we’re learning how to weather stuff together from early on. I’ve also discovered that I have the ability to be mushy (>_<); I had to work past cringing everytime it happened (still do occasionally), because NOT being mushy was my M.O. for years- but y’know, I’m getting comfortable with actually embracing ~*~*~*~*~emotions*~*~*~*~ bit by bit.

SO enough of that! My new adventures-in-romance are not going to be what this post is about…

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