MomentMusic [Feb-13-17 5PM]

Listening to: Don’t Let it Go to Your Head [Fefe Dobson]

First of all, Happy New Year >_> LOL! First blog post of 2017 so I gotta get formalities out the way. Second of all, I’ve had this blog for about a year…I didn’t flesh it out as much as I probably could have but y’know…there were POSTS! I consider that an accomplishment. Third, this is the first post in the daylight hours I think!

And now for the obvious fact – tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. LOL Do we remember last year’s post? I can tell you my thoughts haven’t really changed (what, did you think I went all soft because I got a bf now? HAHAHAHAH!) Nah, lots of folk still have no clue what love is and mostly what I see are desperate attempts to either rid love of its value OR clutch after a cheap form of love for cycles of temporary satisfaction.

ANYWAY…I’ma share something different this year- my own slow journey to embracing mush the concept of showing (and receiving) affection. Read More