MomentMusic [Apr-24-17 8PM]

Listening to: Gravity [Shawn McDonald]

Annnnd the late night posts return!

Saturday night, I was ironing a bunch of clothes for my family, and the parents were out shopping- it was just my brother and me at home and for me that usually means…LOUD MUSIC! BREAK FROM HEADPHONES! FREEDOM TO SING OUT LOUD! Besides, I needed that opportunity because it was a trying day; I found myself clutching at ways to feel better and singing along to my old college playlist did the trick, which included everything from anime soundtracks, to 90s/early 00s CCM of course.

This one tune came on and I had to stop my mindless, melodious attempts at catharsis and become mindful of the lyrics…this tune, was Gravity by Shawn McDonald.

Now, there are a lot of songs titled “Gravity” that I like; Christafari’s Gravity (bassline for DAYS), Detrick Haddon’s Gravity, John Mayer’s Gravity (JOHN MAYER’S GRAVITY!!!!!!!), and Sara Bareilles’ Gravity….just for starters LOL! But as it currently stands, the Gravity that I relate the most with, is Shawn McDonald’s.  Read More


MomentMusic [Apr-21-17 12PM]

Listening to: Hard Love [NEEDTOBREATHE feat. Lauren Daigle (The Shack’s version)]

Existing and imaginary fanbase/readers, hello! Been a minute since I posted something and I am DETERMINED not to let this blog die due to laziness and/or my life not being intriguing enough to blog about.

So, in no way has this year been as ridiculously stressful as last year, thank God. I actually don’t know whether that is due to growing in faith from last year, or circumstances being a bit easier, but whatever it is, it’s been a significantly more decent year thus far. As far as I was concerned, things were settled a bit more and while nothing spectacular was going on, I was taking steps towards an actual future…underdeveloped baby steps, but steps nonetheless. I was so thankful for the direction things seemed to have been heading in this, the early part of the year— Read More