MomentMusic [Aug-12-17 2AM]

Listening to: Everyday People [Sly & The Family Stone]



  • The delicate, sensitive, glass-skinned, paper hearted princes and princesses.
  • The apathetic, who don’t care if they live or die…much less you.
  • The logical ice-kinfolk, who will step over your crying, broken down body if it doesn’t make sense to them why you’re in that state.
  • The hyper-irritable brats, who have no problem dishing out the attitudes but CANNOT deal with it when it’s tossed their way, because lol, they’re all that matters.
  • The cloud-kinfolk, in their own world, and unable to relate to yours.
  • The ticking time bombs, who are nice to all of the above because it’s the right thing to do, but inside…there’s a deep rumbling – heavy as the thunder that is currently rolling outside where I am…and it can rain torrents at any given time if the good Lord Himself doesn’t help them keep it together.
  • Other/Everyone else who is somewhere in between or a combination of two, more or all of these, in different contexts.

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