MomentMusic [Aug-12-17 2AM]

Listening to: Everyday People [Sly & The Family Stone]



  • The delicate, sensitive, glass-skinned, paper hearted princes and princesses.
  • The apathetic, who don’t care if they live or die…much less you.
  • The logical ice-kinfolk, who will step over your crying, broken down body if it doesn’t make sense to them why you’re in that state.
  • The hyper-irritable brats, who have no problem dishing out the attitudes but CANNOT deal with it when it’s tossed their way, because lol, they’re all that matters.
  • The cloud-kinfolk, in their own world, and unable to relate to yours.
  • The ticking time bombs, who are nice to all of the above because it’s the right thing to do, but inside…there’s a deep rumbling – heavy as the thunder that is currently rolling outside where I am…and it can rain torrents at any given time if the good Lord Himself doesn’t help them keep it together.
  • Other/Everyone else who is somewhere in between or a combination of two, more or all of these, in different contexts.

We got to live among people; and it’s hard. Even harder for Christians, because we got to love EVERYBODY. We don’t get a free pass to disrespect, insult, ignore, beat up, hate or kill the people who cross us the wrong way for whatever reason. We genuinely have to channel the love we receive from God every minute and project that onto everyone else.

In Everyday People by Sly & The Family Stone, they draw metaphorical reference to different types of people, and how one type doesn’t like the other type, who doesn’t like the other type!

There is a blue one who can’t accept the green one
For living with a fat one, trying to be a skinny one
And different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Ooh, sha sha
We got to live together…

The singer reminds us, “We got to live together”. That’s it! That’s the reality and the bottom line; and while the song might have been directly addressing race and class issues, it applies to so many more things…even something as seemingly “simple” and frequent as personality clashes. The world is spiralling downwards, fast, because we can’t develop enough maturity to bear with someone who completely confuses us or frustrates us…and when everybody can’t bear with everybody…well, you get what’s going on now. When it happens in the church, among our youth, among our elders, and everyone in between…how are we going to tell the world to do any differently?

If I’m a logical ice-kinfolk, ticking time bomb hybrid (which I am), I still have to figure out how to make it work with the porcelain monarchs and the attitude-ridden, “me-centric” celebrities of everyday life.

And y’know, if we do it right, it’s enough to melt the ice-kinfolk a little bit to reveal some of their fragility; it’s enough to remove the “me-blinders” off the celebrities’ eyes so they can see some logic, and it’s enough to give some much needed strength to the otherwise annoyingly frail royals. In other words, when everybody starts showing consideration to everybody, it balances out.

Now, if we could only get people to try it…

TL;DR – We live in a world full of people; we can’t get away from that. Try to do your best to live well with them. Ensure you make yourself someone who other people can live well with too. Also, throw back to Sly & The Family Stone’s Everyday People every once in a while for a good message and a good groove. “Ooo~ Sha sha~~~”


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