MomentMusic [Jan-15-18 8:10PM]

Listening to: Phobic [Plumb]

First blog post of 2018! I wanted to make this sunny, and happy and full of new year cheer~~~ I was even looking for a brand new 2018 music release to base the post on!

I couldn’t.

This year has already been off to a rocky start for many around the world, including people close to me. Car accidents, rape, death, depression, natural disaster threats and more…already; we’re not even halfway into the third week of 2018. Read More


MomentMusic [Dec-12-17 12AM]

Listening to: The Way I Am [Ingrid Michaelson]

I haven’t cycled around the dating circuit to gain personal experience, but from what I’ve seen and heard from friends and people around me from high school until now, finding someone who will see you with all your quirks and hitches and still think that you are God’s gift to earth…is HARD! Since it’s obviously a difficult task, but in my case I didn’t even have to look AND someone who matches the aforementioned criteria came and found me, I must recognise the blessing…especially since it’s his birthday! Read More

UNASHAMED Series: “Presenting, Unfading Beauty” by Steph Bennett

A post I contributed to My good friend, Miriam’s “Unashamed Series” for HER blog, over at

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is THE Steph Bennett. Have to big her up man. Have to big her up.

(can we also admire the quite literal glistening of her eyes in this photo? And her smile?!)

There are many times that I’ve wondered what’s going on in her head after realizing – via her Facebook posts – that she definitely has a lot of wise and brutally honest opinions about a lot of things. I admire this about her – and her musical ability to sing and write. Lord, ya’ll need to read one of her blog posts. I’ll link her social handles at the end of this blog for you. Any-who, let’s get to know Steph. Shall we?


Anything you want to say about yourself that you’d like them to know? 

A Christian, a music/choir/band-geek, a lover of Japanese and Korean culture, a…

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MomentMusic [Nov-30-17 10PM]


Listening to: Dance or Die [Family Force 5]

Today kinda blew. LOL! It was one of those days where it wasn’t catastrophically bad, but it went askew enough to launch me (internally, of course) into a familiar thought storm, “Why does nothing go according to plan?!”, “How hard is it to just have a day go according to plan so that I can roll through with silky smoothness?!”, “When will my life develop enough autonomy and ferocious foolproofness so that regardless of whatever stupidity is happening around me, I glide through the flames like a doggone PHOENIX????” Somewhere close to the end of the day though, it hit me…even when my life progresses to a point that I would consider satisfactory, it still isn’t going to be perfect; there will ALWAYS be something that will be out to get me down and out, so long as there’s an enemy prowling about tryna wreck God’s people.

So what am I going to do? Dance? Or die?

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MomentMusic [Oct-22-17 2AM]

Listening to: Go Go [BTS]

Silly human expectations – “Rewards with no effort.” A list.

  • Want money with no work. (LOTTERY YO!)
  • Want to be/look healthy without the effort of a healthy lifestyle. (There are pills for that son…or surgery…)
  • Want to be understood without the effort of trying to understand others or communicate clearly. (It’s not my fault everyone else sucks, G)
  • Want second chances; reluctant to give second chances. (But I deserve the benefit of the doubt, bruv)
  • I want to have all the fun tonight, without worrying about the effect on tomorrow. (I’m still young, fam)
  • We thought it was love at first sight, until we dropped them at first inconvenience. (Too much work, bo-bo)
  • Want physical intimacy with no strings attached. (Too much work, bredrin)
  • Want to be great at something with no practice. (Too much work, cuz)

*sigh*  Read More

MomentMusic [Oct-11-17 7PM]

Listening to: Happy [Natasha Bedingfield]

I turned 28 last week Friday. I had two options; start to whine about being two years away from 30 and still not quite being where I thought I’d be, OR marvel at the fact that I’m still alive; after everything last year (and this year), I’m still here with my family and I’d finally done and experienced things this year for the first time (some of which the typical person probably did in their teens or at least early 20s).

I opted for the latter. Read More

MomentMusic [Sept-09-17 7PM]

Listening to: Dare You to Move [Switchfoot]

Within the space of 3 days, I’ve watched 2 movies, one older and one recent, both with the premise of someone who was locked away in their home, thinking that they were ill and unable to live any other way; until some bold new stranger manages to fight their way into their lives, allowing the main character to realise that it was all a lie, they are perfectly fine, and they are able to step outside of the house they were locked in all their life…and start living. Read More

MomentMusic [Aug-12-17 2AM]

Listening to: Everyday People [Sly & The Family Stone]



  • The delicate, sensitive, glass-skinned, paper hearted princes and princesses.
  • The apathetic, who don’t care if they live or die…much less you.
  • The logical ice-kinfolk, who will step over your crying, broken down body if it doesn’t make sense to them why you’re in that state.
  • The hyper-irritable brats, who have no problem dishing out the attitudes but CANNOT deal with it when it’s tossed their way, because lol, they’re all that matters.
  • The cloud-kinfolk, in their own world, and unable to relate to yours.
  • The ticking time bombs, who are nice to all of the above because it’s the right thing to do, but inside…there’s a deep rumbling – heavy as the thunder that is currently rolling outside where I am…and it can rain torrents at any given time if the good Lord Himself doesn’t help them keep it together.
  • Other/Everyone else who is somewhere in between or a combination of two, more or all of these, in different contexts.

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